How Managed IT Services and Small Businesses are part of the same global business phenomenon, and what it means for your business

Small Is Beautiful

Following the recession of the late 2000s, small businesses have found renewed opportunity and financial viability in targeting markets where consumers are more responsive to intimate, personal service. The success of small businesses is dependent upon consumers with greater access to alternative business options who are willing to spend more on small businesses for their service. The greater access of consumers is the result of large technological advancements (such as information about a company being only a Google search away)and the intelligent ways technology is directing business potential.

Large businesses often employ large, overcrowded in-house IT services to develop broad solutions to their business problems. Usually these departments develop solutions to every problem -- mostly because large businesses can afford to incur the large cost; however, the solutions are neither more practical, nor more innovative. ‘More is better’ is a slogan which business has largely ditched, in favour of sleeker, smaller models.

In the modern age, as smart businesses learn lessons from the irresponsible management of large companies and consumers are given greater access over the internet to options more reflective of their needs, a de-centralization in the technological solutions has taken place, favouring smaller, more manageable market ecosystems. As the individual consumer is empowered, so are small businesses.

The New Age of IT

As both consumers and small businesses find greater use from technology, the need to manage it all has developed a complementary business-to-business model: Managed IT Services. Global financial security is growing, allowing greater credit and financing for businesses alongside supporting consumer habits. Small businesses have developed renewed interest in personal management of their IT. It avoids the need to hire another employee, it is generally a one-stop consultation followed by a smart, well-crafted solutions process, and it is inexpensive.

It is not only a new age of small business, it is a new age of IT. The new business phenomenon of small business and more connected consumers not only creates the opening for better IT management, but the continued success of small businesses relies on it. Smart technology finds itself in every household and in every business. The market ecosystems that work best are those whose businesses work with the complementary businesses in partnership, uniting inexpensive solutions with a commitment towards building a stronger market in general, with more consumers and more demand.

How the best partnership in modern business works

Profits are often sunk away by inefficient data entry, slow customer-business relations, out-of-date systems, or by malware and viruses which can harm files and render a computer useless. Oftentimes, small businesses are over-reliant on technology but don’t know how to use it to its full potential.

Managed IT Services works in two general ways; by either providing specific solutions to your problems or by updating your businesses IT. Thankfully, these often go hand-in-hand. Managed IT often finds inefficiencies and problems in your business which can be readily solved by technology. While we offer updates to your IT, what we really offer is updates to your the entire way your business functions.

Consultations have the distinct element of education and tailoring. It is an opportunity for companies, like YourTech London, to educate you on what is not working in your business and how technology can help, but it is also about intimately designing the solutions that will actually reduce overhead, protect files, and keep your systems safe from online attacks. While your business updates and changes, our concern is that technology eases this process and creates a more profitable business in the long-run.


What are the three things we always seek to do at YourTech London for your business?

  • Evaluate the state of your business’s technology:
    1. Are your files backed-up to prevent the damage of Malware and Ransomware?
    2. It everything up-to-date? Viruses and malware are best avoided by regular updates.
    3. Is it efficient? YourTech London is always looking for better ways for your business to run. Looking for efficiency in technology is one thing, we also seek to develop the technological solutions that will make you more efficient and profitable.
  • Implement the solutions which YOU need
      1. Do you need regular back-ups and more optimized anti-malware solutions to suit your changing needs?
      2. Do you need spam, malware, and virus filters for your email?
      3. Do you need a broad, IT consultation to strategize your future IT, lowering costs and develop long-term, permanent solutions to your IT hassles.
  • Assure your peace of mind.
      1. Unlimited remote support means we can access your computer and fix it remotely, we are your first-responders for your IT needs, and we patch your IT systems when they break down.
      2. On-site service allows YourTech London to limit the damage of Ransomware when it hits.

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