What automation looks like in your business: It means saving time

Automating tasks in your business is saving time by simplifying tasks which can be completed using software. These are not necessarily the big tasks, they are small tasks which add-up and take up time.

On the other side, automation of your marketing, through social media and online platforms, is one of the hallmarks of successful business where 79% of top-performing businesses have had automated marketing for the last two years (according to Salesforce).

It is easy enough to find online lists which details online programs and apps to speed basic processes in your business, but actually implementing and coordinating is difficult. Here’s our list, how to get them and how we help you get them.


Anti-virus and anti-malware software are one part of your tech protection while the second part is regularly updating them. Installing the software means only one part of your protection as a result, automating regular updates can be accomplished through Managed IT services like YourTech London, who can do it remotely.

The most effective software is updated regularly, every day.

Data back-ups are a much more exhaustive task, but once the infrastructure is set-up each new file created is automatically stored in an online repository which is universally accessible and protected. It is a major process and exhaustive, but it is a systematic ensurance that all of your files will be saved until the end of time. 

The other side of data backups is that when disaster strikes, in the form of crypto-attacks or natural disasters, your data is not only accessible, but it allows, in the case of crypto-attacks, for your computers and systems to be easily wiped without fear of damaging data, while easily removing the malware or virus.

Automated Marketing

Among the most effective tools for automation are those which aid with marketing. They are usually simple installations, which allow easier synchronicity between your marketing vision and your business needs.

Hootsuite connects all of your social media platforms, allows posts to be posted in a scheduled order determined weeks in advance, and it creates marketing analytics to help you create the most effective content.

99$ Social is a daily, automated social poster which provides excellent social content daily for your business. A “content specialist” is assigned to your business, who then creates content based upon information you have provided.

Yodle is an all-in-one marketing service which creates a website, provides search engine placement, automated facebook presence, and personal customer support. It is used by over 50,000 small businesses.

Automating the Basics

Buffer is a simple way to schedule posts you have pre-written. It is designed specifically for small businesses who have a clear and concise vision.

Sanebox allows automated email-sorting. It sorts through emails, removing ones you don’t want while keeping the ones you do, presenting weekly updates.

Gusto works as a payroll automator where new employees simply register within the system and Gusto deals with the rest.

Bench is an automated bookkeeping service which assigns a remote team of bookkeepers to manage your financial reports.

Design Pickle assigns a professional designer to your small business, developing and designing custom designs for your business’ website, etc.

Bringing it all together

Assuring functionality and successful implementation for many of these program require time and effort in order to allow successful coordination. Alongside educating your business in programs, syncing one program with another is the focus of YourTech London when it comes to helping you automate.

We diagnose problems with the way your business’ present day-to-day. We consolidate current programs with major implementations like data backup and managed security services. Automating your services also receives developments as you face new challenges.

Successful automation requires effort, but it is the ultimate time-saver and more automation equals more time for you to focus on what you do best in your business.

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