What would you do right now if you lost all the files on your computer? Probably lose all of your files, and then your business.

Any business with files on a computer cannot expect to survive Ransomware if they are unprotected

If Ransomware were to attack your computer, would you know what to do? Once Ransomware hits, anti-malware is useless to stop it. Ransomware is the fastest growing malware in the world right now, it takes control of your computer and its files to extort you for money. If your small business lost all of its files with every scheduled deadline gone unmet, every project unfinished, and every business contact lost, do you really think you’d be in business at the end of the day?

Why YourTech London and Managed Backup Services is the only way in the Modern Age of Malware

In the event of a disaster, YourTech London is the first-responder. If Ransomware works by taking control of your computer and ransoming it for payment, then YourTech London works by keeping your files safe so Ransomware cannot extort your business and allowing the Ransomware to be safely removed.

In 2017, the only way to seriously avoid the damage of ransomware is by backing-up your files. In recent years the Cloud, a collection of interconnected servers allowing user access to files from any location, has allowed backing-up files easier and smarter.  When a small business backs-up their files in the Cloud, they reduce overhead and they keep their files safe. YourTech London offers a range of IT updates to avoid the danger of Ransomware, from Cloud backup to more personal solutions such as the remote management of emails to filter spam and viruses.

Not only do we offer to secure your files when they are attacked, managed backup services means we are there to ensure that our IT solutions change with your business needs. Malware never stops developing, partnering with YourTech London means that you are protected regardless.

Why other anti-malware and other technology doesn't work

Ransomware is a crypto-virus, and like any virus it will always be one step ahead of the medicine used to prevent it. Most anti-malware are committed to only keeping you as safe as you need to be, after all if you didn’t think your anti-malware was working you would replace it. Peace of mind is not something an anti-malware wants to give you, and as Ransomware grows in prominence, anti-malware can only fail to keep up.

And when Ransomware succeeds in locking up your files, which in thousands of cases each month it does, anti-malware is useless. In the event that Ransomware developers chooses to not only extort you for money, but still leave your files inaccessible, there is no software which can prevent the Ransomware criminal from doing this. Oftentimes, Ransomware will receive payment, but still not return access to your files. In the worst cases, advanced Ransomware utilize military grade encryption key-codes to encrypt your data, rendering data-retrieval virtually impossible.

What Managed IT Services would look like for your business and how it keeps you safe from Ransomware

  1. Evaluate the state of your business’s technology.
  2. Are your files backed-up to prevent the damage of Ransomware?
  3. Is it up-to-date? Viruses and malware are best avoided by regular updates.
  4. Is it efficient? YourTech London is always looking for better ways for your business to run. Looking for efficiency in technology is one thing, we also seek to develop the technological solutions that will make you more efficient and profitable.
  5. Unlimited remote support means we can access your computer and fix it remotely, we are your first-responders for your IT needs, and we patch your IT systems before they break down.

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