You are wasting time if your computer doesn’t have an SSD

 SSDs are expected to become a permanent fixture in the computing infrastructure. [1]

There are many small changes you can make to save time and become more efficient. One of those changes is to upgrade your computer’s storage from a Hard Disk Drive (HDD) to a Solid State Drive (SSD).

Why you should upgrade to an SSD

  1. Your PC will be much snappier. You will spend less time waiting for your computer to start, for it to resume from sleep mode and for applications to open.
  2. Your battery life will be longer because SSDs use less power than HDDs, and you’ll be saving the planet one watt at a time.
  3. SSDs are just as reliable as hdds, so you don't need to worry about it breaking down anytime soon.

When you should upgrade to an SSD

  1. Your PC takes longer than thirty seconds to boot up.
  2. Your applications take too long to open.
  3. Your computer hangs randomly.
  4. Your laptop gets bumped around.
  5. Your computer is not 100% silent.

A bit about HDDs and SSDs

Hard Disk Drives have been around since the dawn of time. Not really, but they are old technology. Many new computers have them because HDDs are inexpensive and can store lots of data. The thing is, you probably don't need 1000 GB of storage unless you're a videographer, a designer or someone that plays a lot of video games. Then you might need more storage, which is where HDDs are a good choice.

How do HDDs and SSDs work?

HDDs have a literal disk of metal that is spun around and read by a little needle. HDDs are similar to record players, except the disk is spun around at thousands of revolutions a minute and does not need changing when you want to listen to a different album (there are some other obvious differences that I won’t get in to here).

SSDs work by using electricity to access the data stored within them. They’re like USB flash drives you use, except bigger and faster. Because SSDs use electricity to access stored data instead of a rotating disk, SSDs are able to access information much faster than a HDD. This is why SSDs are many times faster than HDDs, and this is why you will make better use of your time if your computer has an SSD.


SSDs perform far better than HDDs

SSDs perform far better than HDDs [2]

Our SSD recommendation

Any SSD will be a huge Improvement over your existing HDD. We recommend the Samsung EVO line of SSDs because Samsung has excellent quality control and are producers of their own hardware, which means you will have a more reliable drive. I actually have a Samsung EVO 850 250GB SSD in my computer right now.

Make sure to get an SSD with enough storage for your computer. The 250GB SSD is probably big enough to store your operating system, documents, and more. However, make sure to see how much space you require before buying an SSD.

250GB - Samsung 860 EVO SSD

500GB - Samsung 860 EVO SSD


Comparing SSDs yourself

If you’d like to do more research yourself, have a look at SSD UserBenchmarks. This site shows real world information about the differences in speed and other characteristics so you can see how different SSDs compare. But just so you know, the above mentioned Samsung SSDs are highly rated on this site.



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