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London, Ontario is our home

YourTech London provides Personal IT Solutions and Consulting to Small Business in London, Ontario. Some companies call what we do "managed services", but we do more than just manage your IT. We help you choose, implement and manage technical solutions that help your business succeed.

Our personalized approach to providing IT services means that you can mix and match from our catalog of packages to build a solution that has exactly what you need, and nothing more.

Our numerous packages are designed in such a way that they can work by themselves, or by putting multiple packages together. 

Click here to see a list of the packages and solutions we offer. 

TechAlliance 60 Second Pitch Competition

Oscar ONeill pitching YourTech London. Read a case study about Dr. Annette Richard's current IT Solutions.

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Our Team

Oscar ONeill, Director

Oscar graduated from Western University and has been helping people use technology for over six years.

He 💖's bicycles.


Matt Podolak, Marketing

Attending Western University, Matt is studying Mechatronics. He likes to use data to make decisions and help people. 

He 💖's burritos.


Andrew Prentice, Jr. System Administrator

Andrew is attending Fanshawe College. He has been toying with electronics from a young age. There was that time he almost burnt his house down. 

He 💖's arc-welders.

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